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Blog about G-Dragon coz he's cute as fuck.
I also post about rest of BigBang, Soo Hyuk, Woo Bin, 2NE1, WINNER and some other random stuff.

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tabi, what are you even… (≧∇≦) #okay #youtried

what’s the best thing about being Big Bang?



Seungri really loves all his fans. All of us :’(((((((((

They called foul on him for leaving the ambulance but he wanted to catch his flight so he won’t miss out on the concert.

are you fucking kidding me.

Seungri ah.

we all knew his devotion to his fans,this proves once again how much of a beautiful man he is

140903 G-Dragon at J.ESTINA F/W Brand Presentation

First Photo : HD Version

Source: TOPSTARNEWS : Ten Asia


[Gangnam Style Encore] GD bunny horse dance + Bully Bom kkk
@YG Family Concert in Singapore
Fancam by anniejc

You tried guys, you tried…

You tried guys, you tried

Nobody can resist Dae’s buns

gdyb assaulting daesung.

gdyb assaulting daesung.